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Who We are

We are a Catholic organization whose primary purpose is to help young adults and adults discover their Catholic identity, faith and local events across Southern California.


To unite practicing and non-practicing Catholics by providing them with a centralized resource, offline and online, to renew, practice, and deepen their Catholic faith to strengthen local communities. Everything for the greater glory of God and realization of the kingdom of heaven on earth.


Omnia Catholic is the primary online resource for connecting Southern California young adults to learn, renew, and strengthen their faith.



Emmanuel Villalpando

I currently live in Tustin and my home parish is St. Cecilia. I am involved with the Knights of Columbus and Singles for Christ. I am really excited to be able to be a part of Omnia Catholic because I can use my God-given talents to bring people in Southern California closer to Christ.

Thang Pham

I live in Alhambra and I attend St. Therese Catholic Church. In the past, I was a catechist & coordinator for Life Teen Edge's faith formation program at Sacred Heart in Covina. Currently, I serve in the men's group, Knights of Christ the King. I'm excited about being a part of Omnia Catholic because I love to share Catholic resources to help people who want a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ.

Katherine Ravena

I am from Rancho Cucamonga. My home parish is St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church. I used to be a part of the Music Ministry for the Life Teen Mass at my parish. For the past 3 years I've assisted the Sisters of The Society Devoted to The Sacred Heart up in Big Bear with Confirmation 1 & 2 as well as their summer programs; Family camp and Girl's camp for the past 5 years. I am excited to be a part of Omnia because I enjoy helping out SoCal catholics find different engagements that inflame their faith.

Thank You - Our honorary Team Members

Andy Sison

Jonathan Blanco

Alicia Rodriguez

Cynthia Cevallos